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Plumbers in Werribee Advise How to Turn off the Water Before Disaster Strikes

You may be on the brink of experiencing a water disaster as a water line or pipe in your home is about to burst. This does not leave you with much time to sort it out. Especially, if you want to prevent thousands of dollars in water damage. The bottom line is that you need to react quickly by enlisting the services of plumbers in Werribee.

No one is immune to future disasters so it is best to be prepared by knowing who you are going to call should the disaster strike. Whether you fear a leaky supply line or a dripping tap, certain precautions need to be made.

The best way to prevent damages would be to turn the water off. The question you need to ask yourself would be do you know where to shut if off before a disaster takes place. Besides, valves are not always located where you think it should be. It is better to be prepared to know exactly where it is situated.

Make time to locate the valve before there is a disaster. Once you know where it is, show the rest of your family and ensure they know how to turn it off. This way you can take quick action when needed the most.

Start off by looking on the inside of your home. Generally, the valves can be found in the basement or crawlspace of your home. Another place to look would be the wall on the front end of your home. The valve would either be inside the garage or near your water heater for home that are built on a slab.

If you fail to locate the valve on the inside, then there is a strong possibility that it is located on the outside. Best to check closer to the street where you may find a covered box that is buried in the ground and named the water meter box. You'll know that it is the water meter as it is will have a round or rectangular metal lid on it. Inside the box is the valve to shut your water off. All is not lost if you really can't find it. Simply dial professional plumbers in Werribee who will find it for you.

Shutting Down the Water Flow

All you need to do to shut down the water valve located on the inside of your home is to turn it clockwise. There is no need for any tools as you could simply use your hand to turn it off.

Outside valves, on the other hand, may require special tools. First off all, you'll need a pentagon socket wrench in order to remove what is known as the security bolt to open the outside cover and gain access to the valve on the inside.

Once you have removed the lid, you need to find the valve that is closest to your home. This would be your residential water supply. To turn the actual valve off you would need a crescent wrench or meter key. Turn it clockwise as far as possible to turn off the flow of the water.

There is one more step left before the job is done. You need to release the pressure inside the pipes itself. What you need to do is go to any faucet inside your home, then turn on both the cold and hot water taps until it runs dry.

Precautions like these may sound like a lot of effort, but it will prevent any further damage until such time that your preferred plumber in Werribee arrives. This knowledge can certainly save you big time in cases where you ever need to do it. More tips like these are available at Simoes Plumbing.

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