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Roofing and Flashings

Ensure your roof is water-tight with Simoes Plumbing expert roofing and flashing service.

ImageThe rain that falls on your roof is constantly trying to work its way into your home. Water will take advantage of any small gap it can find and slowly drip its way into your roof cavity, causing dampness, mould, and rot, ultimately weakening the structure of your building.

Simoes Plumbing can make your roof watertight with our expert roofing and flashing service. Using only the highest quality products, our experts seal up any gaps and cracks in the surface of your roof. Playing particular attention to problem areas such as chimneys, valleys and ridges, our teams carefully ensure the structure and integrity of your roof is maintained and protected for years to come.

Why choose Simoes Plumbing for roofing and flashing services?

  • Quality workmanship that you can rely on
  • Exceptional customer service with a smile
  • Competitive pricing of all high quality solutions
  • Complete transparency in our work methodology
  • Quick turnaround time on all projects

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If you suspect there is a problem with your roof’s drainage system, don’t delay; call us today. The longer you leave your home exposed to the elements, the more damage will be done and the harder and more expensive it will be to fix. Protect your home and family by calling Simoes Plumbing today. We can assess your roof and offer an accurate, competitive quote to remedy any problems.

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I found Simoes Plumbing to be prompt and reliable when they repaired our broken toilet flushing mechanism – I would recommend them to anyone

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